Binary Distillation Simulator

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Program Description:

BDSIM is a convenient simulation software to design binary distillation columns. The program calculates the basic parameters such as Minimum Theoretical Stages at total reflux, Minimum Reflux Ratio, and the actual Number of Theoretical Stages required in each rectifying and stripping section, at any given value of R/Rm and feed condition q value. All above for any set of feed, distillate and bottom product compositions entered as specification.

BDSIM performs a state of the art packed bed sizing calculation obtaining the required column diameter and HETP for each column main section, based on the input physical properties (operating pressure, operating temperature, liquid viscosity, surface tension and specific gravity), and the definition of the Packing Factor, the allowable loading as % of flooding condition, and the Liquid Distributor Quality.

BDSIM perform Liquid Maldistribution calculation, and correlates this important column design and operating factor to the Column Internal Efficiency, using the method developed and outlined in the article "Accurately Asses Packed-Column Efficiency", published in Chemical Engineering Progress (July 1995 vol 31 No 7).

Furthermore BDSIM allows the Lambda and Lambda function calculation necessary to refine the HETP correction for the set of defined operating conditions.

The numerical results are complemented with valuable graphic presentation. G1 presents the McCabe-Thiele diagram, G2 presents the liquid and vapor X and Y vs NTS profiles, G3 presents the Xlk/Xhk and Ylk/Yhk ratio vs NTS profiles, G4 presents the Lambda and Lambda function vs NTS profiles in the column.

Last, bit not least, BDSIM allows to estimate the economic impact of the design and operating parameters of the column, based on very basic cost data input.

Using BDSIM you may solve, understand, optimize, and safely scale up or scale down, the design of your distillation column project, using the most reliable conceptual tools. And all at the speed of light, without having to move back and forth in a jungle of cosmetic windows.

Graphic Illustrations:

Graph1: * MacCabe-Thiele Column Diagram
Graph2: * Xlk, Ylk vs NTS Column Profile
Graph3: * Xlk/Xhk, Ylk/Yhk vs NTS Column Profile
Graph4: * Lambda and f(Lambda) vs NTS Column Profile

Download and running instructions:

You may download the BDSIM demo version by clicking here: download demo.

Upon transmission into your PC you must unzip the BDSIM.ZIP file and you will obtain the executable BDSIM.EXE.

Request the Password:

Previously you must request the password for BDSIM via email, indicating your name, occupation/profession, company/organization, location city/country.  

Note: The demo version is restricted to a fixed relative volatility alpha = 2.0, and to a fixed Liquid Distributor Quality of 90%.

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